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At the MyWake Global Challenge presented by Polaroid Action, Tigé has partnered with Day 1 Wake team rider Trevor Miller to attempt to become the first-ever athlete to successfully complete 24 consecutive hours of wakesurfing. The record setting attempt, to be certified by Guinness World Records, will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 6 p.m. at Sparks Marina in Sparks, NV. Spectators are encouraged to attend and witness the amazing feat, admission is free and open to the public.

Having spent the past five months training for the record setting attempt, Miller, a professional wakesurfer, will have technology on his side in addition to his natural skill set. Towing Miller for the entirety of the record attempt will be Tigé’s Z3 boat. With a wake specifically designed for progressive wakesurfing, Miller will have the luxury of going for the record behind one of the sport’s most capable boats.


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Big congratulations to Triple X team riders Aaron and Grant Witherell for both placing first in thier divisions

at the first annual "Boise SURF THIS Bash" in Boise, Idaho!


Aaron placing first in the Mens Pro Skim division.

Grant placing first in the Mens Outlaw division.


Congrats on the big win boys!



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Trevor Miller teams with Triple X and Day 1 to design a new wakesurf board that is light, responsive, and precise. 

June 3, 2013 – Triple X Surf & Skim releases the new “Addixion” wakesurf board today. In collaboration with Day 1 Wake,pro wakesurfer Trevor Miller took to the chilly Pacific Northwest lakes last winter fine-tuning shapes and sizes of a new prototype wakesurf board. The final product is the Addixion, a name that pays homage to the potent passion for the sport felt by dedicated surfers everywhere. 

Trevor Miller is a pro wakesurfer from the Seattle area. Triple X Surf and Skim is based out of Jacksonville, Fla. Day 1 Wake shapes boards out of a shop in Kirkland, Wash. 

The Addixion, from tip to tail, is authentically made in the USA and shaped in Kirkland, Wash. At 4’8” tall, the wakesurf board rides nimbly on any wake, boasts a stringlerless design for featherweight lightness, and incorporates a carbon fiber stiffening strip to prevent too much flexing while ensuring agility. The twinzer setup – a combination of Futures Fins F4 with the C5 – enables a huge amount of drive and quick acceleration. With its tucked sharp rail at the front and the hard transition at the back, the rail profile adds to the Addixion’s speed and spinning capability.

“The cool thing about the board is that it has a really unique tail rocker that allows it to break loose and spin really easily without compromising on speed,” said Miller. He adds that the tail rocker’s design will contribute greater leverage and pop to a rider’s ollies and aerials.

Riders can choose from three colors: red, blue, and bright green, and they have the option to ride it as Miller does with Agenda Pro traction pads.

addixon ws 2

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